Borough Ordinances

“Curfew Ordinance”
Ordinance #: 1974-3 – It is unlawful for a minor (under the age of 18) to be or remain in or upon the streets, alleys, parks, or other public places in the Borough of Roaring Spring after 10:00 p.m. unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other person having legal custody of the minor (all of whom will be responsible people over the age of 18).

“Vehicle Inspection”
Ordinance #: 1979-4 – Any vehicles without proper registration (license) and inspection sticker must be removed from the street or premises.  If vehicles are not removed, the Borough will tow them away at the owner’s expense or the owner will be required to pay a fine until the vehicle is removed.

“Not to be thrown on Streets”
Ordinance #: 1982-8 – Snow, ice, leaves, grass, or other debris (i.e. shale) shall not be thrown on the streets, alleys or storm sewers in the Borough.

“Peddling Permit”
Ordinance #: 1984-1 – Amended June 14, 2010.  No person or organization is to engage in peddling, canvassing, or soliciting in the Borough without first checking with the Borough Secretary to see of a $20.00 per day or $100.00 per month Peddling Permit is necessary.

“Signage Removal”
Ordinance #: 1998-6 – Any person who puts up any signs advertising a yard sale or other event shall remove the sign within twenty-four (24) hours after the events occurrence.

“Height of grass and weeds”
Ordinance #: 1999-8 – The allowance of any grass, weeds or any type of plant growth which shall be left to grow in excess of 6 inches above the ground shall constitute a nuisance – with the exception of trees, shrubs, bushes, flowering plants, or vegetable plants which are properly trimmed and maintained.

“Banning of Open Burning”

Ordinance #:2009-1 – No person shall cause, suffer or permit the open burning of any material except that this provision shall not apply to:  1.  Any fire set to prevent or abate a fire hazard.  2. Any fire when set by or under the supervision of a public officer, including but not limited to the Fire Marshall.  3. Any fire set for the purpose of instructing personnel in fire fighting.  4.  Any fire set for the prevention and control of disease and pests.  5.  Any fire set solely for recreational or ceremonial purposes; and, 6.  Any fire set solely for cooking food. 


“Snow removal from sidewalks”

Ordinance #: 1994-3 – All owners of property in the Borough of Roaring Spring which have a sidewalk abutting said property shall remove snow or ice accumulating on the sidewalk of their property within twenty-four (24) hours of when the snow ceased to fall or the ice formed and do the same with a path no less than eighteen (18) inches across said sidewalk.  Any person violating this Ordinance shall be guilty of a summary offense and shall pay a fine of not less than $25.00 nor more than $300.00 and/or be incarcerated for a maximum of ninety (90) days.

Updated Friday 28 August 2009