Welcome to Roaring Spring

In a beautiful and fertile limestone valley that was once called The Great Cove, there is a great spring.It is said that the roar of the spring water could be heard from miles around. Geologists believe that there is a subterranean lake in The Great Cove, and that the spring is an outlet from this lake.

Welcome to Roaring Spring, the town that grew around this natural wonder. The Great Cove has become Morrison’s Cove, and the spring is now enclosed in a stone arch with much of its water diverted into pipes. Its “roar” has turned to a gentle murmur, but it still puts forth 8 million gallons of water daily.

The centerpiece of Spring Dam Park is an electric fountain which was completed in 1937. Three primary colors were used in a intricate lighting arrangement, and they are blended to create a remarkable series of colorful shades. This beautiful setting, with a newly restored 1942 PRR N5C caboose and Blair County’s only remaining train station next to it, draws residents and visitors alike, and many of the town’s celebrations and special events are held here.

View the new The Waterfowl and Fish Ordinance. For additional information, please see the waterfowl and fish brochure.

Letter to Penelec

Temporary Change in Police Procedure Due to Corona Virus

Effective immediately and until fmther notice, the Roaring Spring Police Department is temporarily changing its procedures on how non-emergency calls and walk-in complaints are handled.

We are limiting access to the Municipal Building, although Emergency calls are our top priority and will still be handled as such. We encourage the public to stay at their residences if possible, non-emergency complaints that can be handled over the phone will be, if appropriate. We are committed to keeping out officers and other municipal staff safe by doing this.

If you have an EMERGENCY call 911.

For Non-Emergency, call the Roaring Spring Police Department at 814-224-5382.

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Preparing for the Spread of COVID-19

Updated Thursday 12 March 2020